Anita Mishra


Anita Mishra was born in India. She is an author, an engineer, a teacher, a homeschooling mom of two amazing children, and a baker.

Ani grew up reading books, loving books, and mostly living in the books, and whenever she came out of them, she spent her time daydreaming, making up stories, and sharing them with her family and friends. Young Ani loved mysteries, especially the Nancy Drew series. She read Nancy Drew books to bed and often slept reading them.

Ani still enjoys a great mystery book in which you connect with the story’s characters and solve the mysteries with them. She loves riddles and poems too. Many a time, she makes up funny rhymes and poems for her children and makes them laugh.

After working for a software company for four years, she moved on to teach in a school because she loves spending time with children.

She loves to bake, and she also earned the Blue-Ribbon-Baker Award in the year 2019.

Currently, Ani is living with her husband and two children in El Paso, Texas. El Paso is beautiful, hot, hot, and mostly hot. What best can you do on a hot summer day in a place like El Paso other than writing a great story and escaping into a different world altogether? Well, the days at El Paso remain warm most of the year, so it’s always a great time to escape into the world of stories.

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