Ethan Murphy

and the Quest for the Minal

Ethan, a thirteen-year-old boy with unique puzzle-solving abilities, heads out to rescue his mysteriously abducted aunt. He finds himself in the middle of ruthless gangs and tribes.

Ethan and his team need to solve complex codes and riddles written by his dad to retrieve the centuries’-old buried treasure and rescue his aunt from a dangerous gang.

Can Ethan solve every challenge thrown in his way and complete the assignment while still fighting his own demons?

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Ethan Murphy

and the Race for the
Incan Crown

What happens when a lost relic means more than just an archeological find?

Thirteen-year-old Ethan, a genius at riddles and puzzles, is still settling into his new life at ROM Agency when a mysterious break-in turns his whole world upside down. A strange letter, a stolen assignment book, and the release of a dreaded criminal make matters worse!

The assignment book holds the details of his dad’s lifelong dream—to unearth the Incan crown. When Ethan learns that his missing dad’s dream is at stake, he sets out to fulfill it.

Can Ethan find the hidden crown before the criminal’s gang? Join Ethan and his friends in the race for the Incan crown.

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Ethan Murphy


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